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Companies currently in residence:
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An free online citizen science platform that helps individuals and organizations collect, manage, and share their citizen science data, providing both web-based and mobile solutions for gathering and accessing observations.

A blood testing innovator that helps blood banks and hospitals to significantly decrease blood transfusions.

Developing a novel treatment for Polycystic Kidney Disease.

Coming soon:
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Your partner in small animal research. Phenos offers research expertise and services and provides support in clinical development strategies to pharmaceutical companies and academia. Our focus lies on small animal models in the field of preclinical drug testing, target evaluation and identification. We offer a variety of well-established disease models for a wide range of metabolic disorders as well as solid organ transplantation. In addition, we can carry out in vitro studies in a variety of cell types with a broad spectrum of potential stimuli and read outs.

Distinguished alumni:
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Novo Biosciences, Inc.

In Vivo Study Management for Biotechs, Pharma, CROs, and Academia.

Uses a unique, rapid and cost-effective strategy to develop breakthrough drugs to regenerate damaged organs and tissues, spurring the body to heal itself by triggering powerful mechanisms of self-repair and regrowth that lie dormant in our genes.

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